Instagram and Friends

Instagram and Friends

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A few months ago I installed Instagram on my iPhone and it has quickly become one of my most used apps. If you haven’t already checked it out, and you own an iPhone, then I would highly recom­mend doing so.

Instagram has refuelled my pas­sion for pho­to­graphy, not only allow­ing me to take stun­ning pho­tos with my phone, but also allow­ing me to share them eas­ily with my friends. Now instead of talk­ing about Instagram itself, I would like to share with you the apps I use to com­pli­ment it:


The first, and most import­ant, is the cam­era app itself. I don’t use the nat­ive Apple cam­era app, instead opt­ing for Camera+. This app is incred­ibly power­ful, giv­ing you much more con­trol than the inbuilt cam­era app.

Not only does Camera+ have inbuilt fil­ters, it also allows you to crop, rotate, add bor­ders, and add cap­tions to your pho­tos before export­ing them out to your gal­lery. But my favour­ite fea­ture is the ease in which I can manu­ally set the exposure.


Ever wanted to high­light one par­tic­u­lar item in a photo? Well then ColorSplash is what you are look­ing for. This is a very handy app that makes it easy to ‘fin­ger paint’ the col­or back into a grey­scale photo.

Although it is not my most used pho­to­graphy app, it is one that can add a little piece of magic to a photo, more so than any oth­er app I have found.


I quite like com­bin­ing mul­tiple pho­tos into a framed image, and the best app I have found to do that is Diptic. You can choose one of 23 default tem­plates and then cus­tom­ize each lay­out to really make it your own. You can also edit impor­ted images with basic trans­forms and effects before final­iz­ing the bor­der and export­ing the result.

Dynamic Light

Dynamic Light is an incred­ibly power­ful app designed to give your pho­tos a HDR effect. With an easy to use inter­face, it allows users to con­trol the level of the ‘dynam­ic light’ effect while also provid­ing a set of ready to use fil­ters. This is a great app for bring­ing some life back into a dull photo. Keep an eye out for the ‘com­ic’ effect, it is a per­son­al favour­ite of mine.


Speaking of a com­ic effect, this is exactly what Halftone is designed to do.

Halftone is unlike any of the oth­er apps that I have men­tioned so far, as it is meant entirely for fun. It allows you to tell more of a story than a typ­ic­al photo can, allow­ing you to insert cap­tions, speech bubbles, and com­ic book inspired sym­bols. While this app isn’t a neces­sity, I highly recom­mend it.

Photo Fixer

Adam Uccello has cre­ated a few pho­to­graphy based iPhone apps, the best of which is Photo Fixer. Put simply, Photo Fixer allows you to remove unwanted objects from your pho­tos, and the res­ult is very sur­pris­ing. You are able to ‘paint’ over the object you want removed with your fin­ger, and then algorithms are used to remove the unwanted item. And if you aren’t quite happy with the res­ult, then just hit the ‘erase’ but­ton again, the out­come is slightly dif­fer­ent each time.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a must have app for iPhone pho­to­graphy enthu­si­asts. It allows you to make fine adjust­ments such as straight­en­ing a photo or tweak­ing con­trast and expos­ure. It also comes with some great effects and bor­ders that are ready to use. Photoshop Express is a one-stop-shop for all your edit­ing needs.

Slow Shutter Cam

The name of this app is pretty self explan­at­ory. Slow Shutter Cam allows you to take pho­tos with vari­ous slow shut­ter speed effects. You are able to choose between auto­mat­ic, manu­al, and light trail (light paint­ing) modes and can also set up a self timer to ensure that the cam­era will be as stable as pos­sible when tak­ing the photo.

Tiny Planets

Last but not least is Tiny Planets. It is the latest addi­tion to my pho­to­graphy app col­lec­tion, and has quickly become my favourite.

Tiny Planets takes an image that you already have on your iPhone and applies what is known as a polar coordin­ates fil­ter effect to it. This turns your reg­u­lar image into a globe, or a ‘tiny plan­et’. It is an incred­ibly unique effect, and a lot of fun to play around with.

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