Fixing Dribbble’s ‘Add to Bucket’ Modal Window

Fixing Dribbble’s ‘Add to Bucket’ Modal Window

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I love brows­ing Dribbble for inspir­a­tion. I’m also a big fan of being able to place shots into buck­ets so that I can have col­lec­tions of related inspir­a­tion. However, I’m not a fan of how small the buck­et mod­al win­dow cur­rently is.

Luckily, there is a fairly simple solu­tion. Using a plu­gin for Chrome or Firefox called Stylish, we can change the way web­sites appear. Once you have the plu­gin installed, you can cre­ate your own styles, or browse through thou­sands of exist­ing styles.

Pretty simple right? Here is my style for increas­ing the size of Dribbble’s ‘add to buck­et’ mod­al win­dow. Here is a before shot and here is an after shot.

To top it off, I moved the done but­ton to the right of the mod­al; it seems very strange on the left.

Got any styles that improve your daily brows­ing? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. graup

    Wow. THANK YOU for the idea of remov­ing the titles of book­marks to only have the icons in the bar… Sweet!

  2. Joshua Hibbert

    I did­n’t real­ise I had left that in until after I had uploaded the image; usu­ally I would crop that out. Lucky I didn’t!

  3. Zhang Hong

    awe­some trick, i regroup my book­mark after i see your screenshot.

  4. Mandy McClausky

    Thanks for doing a write-up on this Joshua! I’ve got­ten really in-depth with my buck­ets and the cur­rent lay­out makes it really dif­fi­cult to browse them effi­ciently. I’ve also got a bunch of ideas/fixes for Dribbble’s design out­side of that so I’m glad Stylish exists.

  5. Joshua Hibbert

    No wor­ries, Mandy! I use Stylish for quite a few of my more reg­u­larly vis­ited sites. Being able to tweak each of them to suit my wants and needs is fantastic.