Lan Grid System

Lightweight & Nestable

The Lan Grid System is designed to be lightweight, nestable, responsive and simple to use.


As the Lan Grid System's minified CSS file comes in at only 551 bytes, it won't add any bloat to your project's file size.


If you need to nest grid elements then all you have to do is add a class of grid to any element containing columns.


Designed to be mobile first, each column defaults to 100% width unless an easily adjusted break point is reached.

Simple To Use

The CSS file is only 30 lines of code making it easy to manage and change. You can also use SCSS if you'd prefer.


  1. Set an element as a container by using the grid class.
  2. Declare columns using BEM syntax (grid__col--{width}).
  3. You're all done!



<div class="grid">
    <div class="grid  grid__col--67">
        <div class="grid__col--50">

     --><div class="grid__col--50">

 --><div class="grid__col--33">