Steven Paul Jobs

A Brief Timeline

  1. 1955

    February 24, 1955Steve Jobs is born.

  2. 1974

    Jobs lands a job at Atari (leaves after six months to go to India).

  3. 1975

    Jobs and friend Steve Wozniak create a prototype computer in his parents’ garage.

  4. 1976

    April 1, 1976Jobs and Wozniak co-found Apple Computer to sell their first computer: the Apple I.

  5. 1977

    The Apple II is launched and is the first successful mass-market computer, staying in production for 16 years.

  6. 1980

    The Apple III is launched but is a failure due to faulty construction.

  7. 1983

    Apple launch the Lisa, the first personal computer controlled by on-screen icons activated by clicking a mouse.

  8. 1984

    Apple launch the Macintosh computer. It has disappointing sales but receives good reviews.

  9. 1985

    Apple close half of its six factories, they also downsize by over 1,000 employees. Jobs loses to John Sculley in a boardroom battle and is forced out of Apple.

  10. 1986

    Jobs buys the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm Ltd. He then creates what is now known as Pixar Animation Studios.

  11. 1987

    The Macintosh II is launched.

  12. 1988

    Jobs founds NeXT Computer, but it only sells 50,000 computers.

  13. 1991

    March 18, 1991Jobs marries Laurene Powell.

  14. 1995

    Pixar release Toy Story, the first full-length computer animated film. The movie has worldwide success.

  15. 1996

    Apple buy NeXT for $429m and use Jobs’ technology to build the next generation of its own software.

  16. 1997

    Jobs becomes interim CEO at Apple.

  17. 1998

    The iMac launches. It is a self contained computer and monitor.

  18. 2000

    Jobs becomes the permanent CEO at Apple.

  19. 2001

    The first iPod is sold in October and is a commercial success.

  20. 2003

    The iTunes music store is launched in April.

  21. 2004

    Jobs has an apparently successful operation to remove a cancerous tumor in his pancreas.

  22. 2005

    Jobs gives an inspiring speech to young Stanford University graduates.

  23. 2006

    Jobs gives a keynote speech at the Apple Computer Worldwide Developers Conference that sparks concern about his health.

  24. 2007

    The first iPhone is launched and Jobs decides to drop the ‘Computer’ from Apple’s name.

  25. 2008

    Bloomberg accidently publish a 2,500 word obituary of Jobs in August. This causes further speculation as to the state of Jobs health.

  26. 2009

    Jobs takes a six-month leave of absence to focus on his health. The prognosis on a liver transplant is ‘excellent’.

  27. 2010

    The iPad launches and three million devices are sold in 80 days. Apple’s annual sales reach $65 billion, an increase from the reported $8 billion in 2000.

  28. 2011

    August 24, 2011Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple but remains at the company as chairman of the board.

  29. 2011

    October 5, 2011Steve Jobs dies at age 56.