iPhone Photography App Guide (the Apps I Use with Instagram)

iPhone Photography App Guide (the Apps I Use with Instagram)

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I’ve been using Instagram on my iPhone for over four years now and it’s still one of my most used apps. Back when I first started using Instagram I wrote an article that talked about some of the apps that I used to complement it, however most of the apps that I use now are not listed in that post. This write-up details the apps that I’m currently using. Those app are:


The native iOS camera app has quite a few more features than it used to. The most significant is its panorama function. I also use the time-lapse feature on a semi-regular basis. This is the app that I almost always use when I want to take photos with my iPhone.


I’ve been using Diptic for as long as I’ve been using Instagram, in fact it’s the only app that I’m still using since writing my first Instagram article. It’s great for com­bin­ing mul­tiple pho­tos into a single framed image and has a multitude of default and adjustable templates.


Enlight is a powerful post-processing app with a large collection of tools. Usually I’ll use VSCO Cam when editing photos on my iPhone, but if I need something a little bit more powerful and feature-rich then I’ll use Enlight. Some of its more useful tools include: refit, clarity, duo filters, reshape, and heal. All edits applied are also fully adjustable and include a handy masking option.


Hyperlapse, by the Instagram team, is designed for creating time-lapse videos and it does a fantastic job. One of its best features is its use of your iPhone’s gyroscope to remove shakes and wobbles from the video it captures. If I’m taking a stationary time-lapse then I use the native camera app but for any time-lapses involving movement this is my preference.


If I want to do any basic editing of videos on my iPhone then iMovie is the perfect app. It’s not too complicated, but it’s a very effective tool. I don’t post that many videos to Instagram, but the ones that I do have usually been worked on in iMovie.


Up until very recently, Instagram only allowed you to post square images. I’d often want to upload non-square crops and InstaSize allowed me to do that. It also offers some additional features, but I’ve only used it to add white borders to non-square photos.


An app that I don’t use often, but when I want to add a text overlay to a photo, Over is my choice. Over also offers artwork packs to use as overlays for those that want more than just text.


This is the only app in this list that is actually used before taking photos. PhotoPills is a comprehensive planning tool that provides information about the sun, the moon, golden hour, etc. It also contains exposure, depth of field, field of view and time-lapse calculators. If you’re planning on heading out to take landscape photos then PhotoPills is a valuable addition to your kit.


If I need to fix horizontal and vertical lens distortion in my photos then SKRWT is the app I use. It’s simple and does a great job. It’s not something that I use often, but it’s an important part of my process when I need it.


TouchRetouch is an app designed to remove unwanted objects from photos. It’s another app that I don’t use often, but it does a fantastic job when I do need to use it.


Last but not least is VSCO Cam. This is the app that I predominantly use to edit photos on my iPhone. The interface is easy to understand, the tools do a great job and the filters are fantastic. VSCO Cam also gives you the option to create a VSCO Grid that showcases your photos online.

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