About Me

I am a cyc­ling nut, I like to grow my beard out, I love to drink apple cider, I know how to air­walk, and I spend too much time exper­i­ment­ing with CSS.

I have always been cre­at­ive, spend­ing hours as a kid build­ing everything you could ima­gine with Lego and Meccano. Then in high­school I would sit in math­em­at­ics class cod­ing basic applic­a­tions into my graph­ics cal­cu­lator. It was only nat­ural that this pas­sion lead me to the won­der­ful world of web design.

I really enjoy tak­ing a hands on approach to pro­jects, and as such you will often find me design­ing in the browser instead of Photoshop or Fireworks. Luckily I spent a lot of my free time play­ing around with Photoshop before I dis­covered web design, so if you do need me to open up Photoshop for that some­thing spe­cial, I will hap­pily oblige.

Most of my pro­fes­sional work has been the design and devel­op­ment of web­sites, but I have also dabbled with logo and user-interface design. I also have a keen interest in spe­cific areas such as typo­graphy and user exper­i­ence. I love being chal­lenged and read­ily accept excit­ing pro­jects. I’m incred­ibly thank­ful that I get to do what I love!

When I’m not work­ing you will prob­ably find me out­side. I love the out­doors, espe­cially since mov­ing to the coun­try. I couldn’t ima­gine mov­ing back to the city, there really is some­thing spe­cial about small coun­try towns. And not only are the roads around here great to ride on, but the moun­tain bike tracks are fant­astic too!

There are a few friends that I would like to thank for help­ing me get to where I am today. Adam Whitcroft, Dan Eden, Michael Wright and Justin Lowery have been instru­mental in chal­len­ging me, inspir­ing me, and help­ing me to develop. I really enjoy grow­ing and learn­ing by sur­round­ing myself with people who are more tal­en­ted than me, as Adam, Dan, Michael and Justin are.

About the Site

This site will never be a fin­ished product, so please for­give the little inconsistencies.

This site was designed in browser to be respons­ive and con­tent driven. With a fixed baseline of roughly 36px, read­ab­il­ity is a high pri­or­ity. It is a con­stant work in pro­gress as I am never 100% sat­is­fied; always striv­ing to be better.